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The Basque Railway Museum Foundation is moving to other destinations, filled with new objectives, hopes and expectations which will inarguably provide the means for Basque Railway Museum to live on in Azpeitia.

The Foundation is continually working to bring out the best of the heritage of the historic railway in the Basque Country, just as we have been doing so from the opening of the museum in 1994, yet now, we are doing so with the idea of pursuing further achievements.

We find ourselves in a moment of change in which we choose to concentrate our efforts on reviving the museum programming by means of diverse initiatives, activities and new projects.

The Foundation was created from the need to find a new destination for the museum. Our ever-present priority is to make this entity accessible to a wider area of the public and directly involve them in the valley in which the foundation is housed.

The ground is being broken for a new line in the Basque Railway Museum.

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C/ Julián Elorza, 8.
20730 Azpeitia (GIPUZKOA)
Tel.: 943 15 06 77
Fax: 943 15 07 46