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The Basque Railway Museum houses one of the best railway collections in Europe, containing train vehicles of all types: steam, diesel and electric cabooses; engines and a range of wagons.

What’s more, the museum offers the visitor one of the most complete sets of machine tools in the Basque Country, coming from a once-used mechanic’s workshop from the Urola Railway. This facility is preserved just as it was when it was inaugurated in 1925, including an antique electric motor which runs 16 machines by using a complex system of pulleys, belts and clay workings.

The awe-inspiring facilities of the electrical station, with its original maintenance equipment, by means of mercury steam, illustrate the most modern technology of a time a century ago.

The ground floor of the main building encloses the former Azpeitia train station where you will find an outstanding display of the uniforms used in the railway starting from the end of the 19th century up to the high speed train era. The first floor houses one of the best collections in the world of railway time devices which will truly take you on a ride back in time.

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C/ Julián Elorza, 8.
20730 Azpeitia (GIPUZKOA)
Tel.: 943 15 06 77
Fax: 943 15 07 46